3 tips for finding your style

Each individual has a style. We do not have to have the same style. It's important to have a style that identifies you and fits you. But finding your style and adopting it requires knowing some tips. By continuing this article, you will have the keys to creating your own style.

 A style, a way of life

Having a style is all about being in harmony with yourself.  Whether you are overweight, whether people think you are too slim, too tall, or too short, you have to integrate that you live for yourself first. Feeling like you have to lose weight to fit into that outfit, or wanting to put on a little weight to make that dress fit, are effective ways of missing out on your own style. Adapt the clothes to your body type, and work with your body as it is.

Choosing your colors

Colour matching is a very delicate exercise. It is important to know how to combine them so as not to make a mixture that is not recommended. Sometimes you may prefer to use neutral colors because you find it difficult to find yourself in the combinations. Do some research in this respect. Also, it is useful to pay attention to compliments when you dress, and to make a list of the colors you tend to buy. This will help you to know your favorite colors and adopt them.

Not pleasing everyone

While it is true that you should listen to the opinions and advice of others, it is also true that you cannot please everyone. To have your own style is to dare to assume it. We dress for ourselves first. It is difficult to be unanimous when you dress. So, if you can't please everyone, try to please yourself.

A style for a moment

Here are a few tips among many others that will allow you to create your own style. But keep in mind that your style can change at any time and is dependent on certain circumstances. You may have one style because of motherhood and another style because of your work. The important thing is to have one and to live with it.