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Coupon Class: Becoming A Fearless Couponer

bslMany people have mentioned that they would love to use coupons but they feel too overwhelmed. If you have always wanted to coupon, but feel that it is too hard of a task, this class is designed for you. We want to help you become fearless when it comes to using coupons. Our four session class is designed to help you take the fear out of couponing and help you save money.

1. Overcoming Fear #1- I don’t know where to get good coupons.

Coupons can be found in so many places that it can be overwhelming, but we want to break it down and show you the best places to get them. Here is a video we made on where to find coupons. (This video helped me win Free Groceries forĀ  A Year from WalMart! Thanks WalMart! I had no idea I would win, so please excuse the “mom look” that I have no makeup and I am in glasses.)

In the Sunday Newspaper

    1. Print Coupons Online
    2. Catalina Coupons -these print at the register. You can use them on your next order.
    3. Magazines – All You Magazine
    4. In the mail
    5. Peelies located on a product
    6. Inside a product
    7. Blinky Machine
    8. Wine Tags

Sign up for the local Sunday paper to be delivered to your home and start saving the coupon inserts that come in the paper. You might want to see if you can order two papers. You will need 2-4 sets of inserts each week. Place them in a folder each week. Also collect any other coupons your run across. Place them in an envelope and put the envelope in this folder.

2. Fear #2 -I always leave my coupons at home.
If you organize your coupons and keep them in your car or vehicle, you will have them when you need them.
There are many ways to organize your coupons. There are three ways that I recommend.

  1. The Binder Method – This is for people who are very organized. You will need supplies- a binder and sheets that hold baseball cards. You can usually find both of these items at Target or Walmart. If you have a paper cutter, this will help you as well. Cut the coupons you think you will use. Sort them by category, and make tabs for each section, such as Dairy, Meat, etc…
  2. The Storage Box Method- This method is an oldie but a goodie. I have a good friend who is amazing with this method. Use index cards to organize your coupons by tabs. Cut the coupons you think you will use and sort them in the appropriate tab.
  3. The Folder Method- This method is great for people without a lot of time to coupon. Keep your inserts stored in folders. You will need about 12 of them. Organize each folder by insert date. The date is listed in very small print on the side of the insert.

3. Fear # 3 – I don’t understand coupon rules.

There is a basic coupon rule that will help you understand coupons. You can use a manufacture’s coupon with a store coupon on the same item. This is the only time you can use two coupons for the same item. (How can the store take two coupons? The manufacture will reimburse the store for the amount of the coupon and the store’s advertising department will cover the amount of the store coupon.) Manufactures coupons are usually found in the newspaper or on product websites and store coupons are usually found in a printed coupon book located in the store or on the store website. Some stores mail out store coupons to reward card members as well. Yogurt squeezers were on sale at Whole Foods for $2.50. There was a $1 off store coupon located in the Whole Deal Coupon Magazine found at the Whole Foods customer service desk. There was also a $1 off printable manufactures coupon located on the yogurt website. By combining both coupons, you can maximize your savings, Reg price $4 a box, Sale price $2.50- $1 -$1 = 50 cents for a box of squeezable yogurts.

Fear #4 – I have no idea how to match coupons to sales ads.

If you don’t know how to match coupons to sales ads, we have good news, now all across the internet blogs do this for you! Matching coupons to sales ads is very hard work. It takes hours to search circulars to match up sales ads with coupons. I enjoy doing it myself by circling items I need in a circular and matching them to coupons. To see if the item has any available coupons, you can use a coupon database. The Coupon Mom has a great database. You will need to register for her website to use it. To use the database, type in the product you are looking for and it will pull up the available coupons. Many blogs now do this work for you. One of my favorite websites that does this is Coupon Mom or Money Saving Mom. You can check these websites out every Sunday and Monday and they will post all the newest ad matches.


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