I wanted to share my amazing Birthday Weekend. My friend Brandie posted a message on Facebook that her sister had to cancel her trip to go to The Beth Moore conference in Kansas. I wrote her and told her that it would be my dream to go with her and I would begin praying and take every step possible to move forward with going on the trip until I found my answer if I could go. I looked for flights the day before we flew and to my amazement, they were affordable because no one seemed to want to fly on 9/11. Since I am known as the fearless one, flying on 9/11 sounded fine to me. I sent Brandie an email saying I was 20% sure I could go but I would keep trying. Little did I know that as Brandie read my message, God told her I was going to go. My parents recently moved near us and they agreed to do the school pick ups and help my husband watch the kids.  My husband thought about it and said I should go. I couldn’t believe that I was going to Beth Moore! God had some exciting things in mind. When we got there our rental car had a TX license plate. This is where Brandie and I are from and where Beth Moore was our Sunday School teacher.

(Pic: Brandie with the license plate. Isn’t she adorable?) God continued to divinely place gentle touches of love on everything as the weekend went along. We got a room upgrade to a King suite with a huge room and a jacuzzi tub. We went to dinner with my brother who lives in KS. Our hotel room number near the conference was 432. Our hotel room number near the airport was 234. The next night we go to go to dinner with Brandies sister Sue. We tweeted about how divine everything was and guess who favorited it on Twitter?


Beth Moore Tweet

The conference was amazing. The week before the conference God gave me a title and said “This is the title of your book!” I was thinking WHAT? I struggled with being able to handle the fact that God could use me to write a book yet a few people have told me that I was supposed to write one.(I mean come on, I am a math person.) At the conference the Lord said, that’s a little selfish of you to think that way. If you don’t think you can do it, you are really just focusing on yourself. I am asking you to do it so I will provide you with the ability to do it. That was all it took and I surrendered to God that I would write a book. He also wants me to start a ministry to help set people free in intercession. This I know I was born for.

Finally the weekend was over but God was not finished. When I booked my flight it would have cost me $300 to get on my friend Brandie’s flight so I opted for a better priced flight with a connection. When I got on this flight the Lord said to me “I am going to do something amazing.” I had no idea what it would be so I began chatting with the person next to me to see if the amazing thing would be for them. Then the loud speaker said “Would anyone like to give up their seat on this flight for a $300 flight voucher?” After a minute, I raised my hand. I got off the plane and they checked the direct flight to Charlotte. There was ONE seat available. I was even able to trade so that I could sit with Brandie and we could laugh, pray and smile all the way home. Instead of having to pay $300 extra for the flight that I wanted, the airline paid me $300 (in the form of a free flight voucher)! It was amazing!

I have to admit I might be slightly addicted to the CVS 75% off summer sale. Get bubble guns for $1.75, sandals for $3, notepads for 25 cents and more! I have already been to 4 local CVS stores. I love CVS.


Last year I was sent a QBall and I loved it so much. It not only changed my students lives, it changed mine. I was able to test this ball with students at an elementary school and I was able to use it with special needs students. All of the students ability to focus and hand eye coordination improved greatly. I also started using this ball with my children and myself. It helped me focus so much, it even helped me get less distracted during the day. I am a huge fan of this ball, I cannot rave about it enough. With many devices out today to distract children and adults, the QBall is a must have. 


This deal is for the ladies. You can get $5 Maidenform Bras + More Steals. Click to activate offer. Offer valid 1/23/15 – ongoing. . Shipping is free today for Earth Day! (On other days: You can get $1.99 shipping with coupon code 89403 (Expires 5-31.)) The T-shirt bras are probably the most comfortable in this brand.

Maidenform Coupon

We looked for a house in our area for over 2 years. We missed an awesome deal on a foreclosure by about 2 hours and then one day we kind of stopped looking for houses. A few months later, a realtor friend called us out of the blue and said “I can’t stop thinking about you for this house I’m selling.” We had just been thinking that week that the small house we were in would make an awesome rent house so we ran over to look. The house had about 14 interns that had lived in it so it was big. It had a volleyball court and swimming pool. We loved it but the price was just a little high for us. So we made an offer and we waited and the seller made a counter offer that was very close to our offer. We excitedly moved in and our season of remodeling began.

Here is our kitchen before:

Here is our kitchen after:


icon has these select shoes 2 for $20 with coupon code 2FOR20. Shipping is $4.99 or spend $25 to get free shipping.



Walmart.com has their Limited Edition 3DS on sale for $149 (Reg. $199). This also comes with the Super Mario Bros 2 Game.
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We are remodeling our new house so I have not posted much this past month. I can’t wait to show you before and after pictures of my kitchen!

These stores have my favorite online deals so far:
Toys R Us
Office Depot
Staples Clearance Deals

If you are looking for something specific you can create an Instant Alert at Slickdeals and they will send you an email letting you know when a deal comes up for an item you are looking for. (You will need to sign up for a Slickdeals account first, if you don’t already have one.) I do this almost every year and it saves me time and money!

One of my favorite deals right now is at Lowe’s. They have Poinsettias online right now for 99 cents and they will pull them aside for you. Just go to the customer service desk and pick them up. I usually get enough for all my sons teachers to each have one. It’s a really nice gift for 99 cents.

ipad couponLowes

Target has a deal to get free shipping on any order online. (No coupon code needed.) Check out the Clearance at Target.com to get some great deals with this free shipping offer! Women’s Merona fleece jackets are on sale for $10.

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Staples is having a huge iPad sale! Get iPads for 20% off. The iPad is only $319. The iPad mini is $239.

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